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Monday, December 26, 2016

New Release

As I promised, I have released my novella Striking Out to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. You may have to wait a short while to see it in your preferred format, but it is already available at Amazon, and is pending at B & N.

As always, I am thinking about the next project. I have several short stories and novelettes to work on, as well as my novel Old Wounds. I have a story I wrote long ago that I may prep for release in January, assuming I can make the timing work.

Whatever I do next, I hope to have a productive 2017.

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Sunday, December 18, 2016


I have also posted updated versions of some of my stories and novels. I have made no changes to text, but I did re-do the formatting to make them ebook compliant. I did this after downloading my books to my Kindle from Smashwiords and seeing where they could be improved.

If you have any of my stories, download them again. I have done nothing with The Body of thec Crime, available on Amazon, at present, but I will rework that on in the near future.

I also intend to purchase new covers for at least two of my short stories, Trophies and The Body of the Crime, and I hope to be able to upload them within the next month or two.

Edit: The Body of the Crime now has a new cover and wider distribution. Trophies and Homecoming also have new covers.

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Closer and closer

I am almost ready to publish my next project, Evil Twin.

However . . .

There are some changes. First, the title is no longer Evil Twin, but Striking Out. I think this is a better and more suitable title for what i was trying to do. Originally, I wanted my villian to be a member of the Minnesota Twins, but that fell by the wayside in subsequent rewrites. Striking Out, I think, has the right ring to it. It hints at baseball, and has the suggestion of someone failing at life and someone striking or lashing out at those around them.

It is also longer than it used to be. I have ended with a little more than 18000 words. I believe it is the Science Fiction Writers of America who classify a novela as beginning at 17500 words, so that means I have managed to turn my story into a novela, even if a short one.

It is almost ready to publish. I am in the process of acquiring a cover from an artist on fiverr, and then I hope to publish in early 2017. I don't want to publish in the last part of December, because I don't want to get lost in all the hustle and bustle of the holiday seasion, although the week between Christmas and New Year's Day might work equally well.

Then, I hope to get back to work on Old Wounds, my third Charlie Rowe novel. I still need to expand that, and am trying to come up with a subplot. I may deal with a plot point I introduced but did nothing with in my first Charlie Rowe novel, Taylor Made, and get some mileage out of that.

I also have a number of ideas for short stories, including a near-future science fiction story that I might start working on soon.

I know this is slightly different from what I have said in the past, but these things do change all the time. I am just happy to get something done and almost ready to publish.

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