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Friday, July 17, 2015

All of a sudden . . .

it is the middle of July, and I realize I haven't posted in five weeks or so.

I am about to buy a house. I am excited but a bit nervous. I will own the most expensive thing I've ever had, and build up some equity as I do so. This will be an unusual sale: because of my current employment situation, I am planning to pay cash for the house. That has the advantage, however, that I won't have to worry about being evicted in a foreclosure proceeding.

And, if I can take care of my housing needs, I will eliminate one less worry in my life. Maybe then I can focus on my writing and some other means of passive income that will allow me to have at least some money coming in, money that will stretch further if it doesn't have to include monthly mortgage payments.

And maybe I can continue working on my next novel, Dirty Laundry. I am makng an effort to read more fiction lately, as I suspect that may be part of the reason I haven't been working on my edits. If all goes well, perhaps I can soon report the release.

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