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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Own It

I think the growth of online independent publishing is a two-edged sword. It allows writers who wouldn't get the time of day fromt he major publishers to put themselves out there and publish their stories and novels.

However, it also allows people to publish anything, no matter how amateurishly done.

Don't get me wrong: I'm not saying that all amateur, self-published stories and novels are bad, but some are. The bad ones are part of the reason why some critics, readers, writers, and so on don't takeus  seriously. They jump on the bad works to say, "See? This stuff is no good."

The solution is simple. If you want to write and publish something, own it. Make it the best work you can.

Have several people beta-read it.

Hire a good editor.

Hire a cover artist.

Join websites where writers can critique each other's work.

Remember, unless you use a pen name, anything you write will have your name on it. Wouldn't you want your name attached to something you'd be proud to point to as yours? It will be up forever, after all.

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I Am A Writer. It's time to call myself one.

Recently, someone asked me what I do. I replied, "I look for work. Before that, I was a medical billing specialist."

Only later did it occur to me that I used to answer, "I am a writer."

 I'm not sure why I don't answer that way anymore, but I have my suspicions: the need to make a living, which leads to the need to find work. The fact that I have had some issues for which I have required treatment. And, of course, the Army Reserve has taken up quite a lot of my time over the last few years.

That said, I know I need to start describing myself as a writer again. I used to, I want to -- a while back, I decided to make an effort to -- and I think I need to.

It's about self-perception. You are what you think you are. If you want to be a writer, write. If you need to train yourself to think of yourself as a wrtier, start calling yourself one. That, I should think, will help you to start to think of yourself as a writer.

Of course, you must also write, but I believe that if you think of yourself that way, you would be more likey to sit and put words on paper (or screen.)

All these things are important.

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